Space Chef and The Great Gorgonzola

A galactic novel of banquet proportions.

by Chris Hughes

Beware! You’re about to be consumed by the world of Space Chef where an amazing feast awaits. Enter a galaxy where bizarre aliens dine on even stranger recipes, but remember, it’s an alien eats alien world out there.

Imagine, if one day you’re walking to school and suddenly aliens try to kidnap you. What would you do and how would you react? Read Space Chef and The Great Gorgonzola and see how 11 year old Billy copes with the worst that the galaxy can throw at him. Why did it happen and will he survive? And why on earth would a small robot want to steal his watch?

‘Space Chef and The Great Gorgonzola’ is planned for release in 2014 and is the first novel in the Space Chef trilogy.

Check out the Image Gallery and the Encyclopedia for more information about the characters and all things Space Chef.

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