Allisian space eggs

One of the rarest and most sought after things in the galaxy, Allisian space eggs have not been seen for thousands of years. Prized because of their unique combination of flavours and medicinal properties, Allisian space eggs are found in outer space usually within dense asteroid belts.

Oval in shape and about the size of a small car, Allisian space eggs are powered by a cellular form of cold nuclear fusion and before being processed their radioactive food sacs must be decontaminated. Strangely enough, they have no obvious form of propulsion and scientists are unable to explain how the creatures managed to spread across the galaxy.

Because they were so valuable, planetary wars have been fought over them and in the last one, roughly 2,300 years ago, which resulted in the destruction of an entire planet, all remaining eggs were destroyed along with most of what people knew about them.

Over time, they acquired an almost legendary status to the point that some people have begun to wonder whether they ever really existed at all and most of the knowledge about them has been lost.

Alta Veda

Cosmo Sirius’s home planet that is remarkably similar to the Earth.

Aril Caruck Var

Aril Caruck Var is a very secretive and ritualistic meal that was served almost exclusively to Morovian royalty. Its preparation has been handed down through members of the Morovian priesthood. Eating it is supposed to create a sense of happiness and ecstasy for a Morovian that can last for days, if not weeks and those who have eaten it always describe it as the most enjoyable experience of their lives.

Unfortunately, since the destruction of every Fondusian dragon, along with all known supplies of musessence and the murder of nearly all of the Morovian high priests in the last Morovian Civil War 130 years ago, it has not been possible to perform Aril Caruck Var.

The Great Galactic Space Chef, Cosmo Sirius is one of the few non-Morovians to have been taught how to prepare Aril Caruck Var.

Aurumporium, The

This domed monument to greed is Avaricious the Opulent’s extravagant trading house situated in the heart of the city of Moulthra on the planet of Ferretti. Towering over the city and covered in gold, this show of wealth is in sharp contrast to the surrounding market stalls.

The Aurumporium has by far the best quality produce in the whole city and only the extremely wealthy can afford to shop there.

Expect to spend more than you bargain for at the Aurumporium.

Avaricious the Opulent

The Great GorgonzolaAvaricious is the richest and most successful trader on the planet of Ferretti and his golden trading house, the Aurumporium is well known right across the galaxy.

Avaricious is an aurumpod from the planet of Birillion. Aurumpods have a unique biology based around gold, so like his Aurumporium, Avaricious is also the colour of gold. In fact it’s possible to see golden blood pulsing through prominent blood vessels on his large bulbous head.

Avaricious is as treacherous to deal with as he is rich and anyone who does business with him needs to keep their wits about them.


Billy is the 11 year old hero of the story and is unable to remember parents or his past since he was discovered all by himself at the edge of a deserted lake. He has a passion for cooking and an unexplained ability to invent and fix complicated machinery and electronics. Mavis Lumley, his elderly foster mother is convinced that one day he’ll either become a famous chef or an inventor.

Recently, Billy has begun to have the feeling that someone is watching him...

Bylosian travelator

The Bylosian travelator connects the main market of Moulthra to the space port. Visible from space, this antiquated structure is the only straight line in the chaotic city of Moulthra. Two huge conveyor belts run in opposite directions ferrying thousands of aliens to and from the market each day.

Cosmo Sirius

One of the most famous and successful Galactic High Chefs in the Galaxy, his extraordinary culinary creations are legendary in all corners of the Galaxy. He has twice won events at the Gastronomincal Galactica, the Galaxcy’s most famous cooking competition.

Although human, he was born on the planet of Alta Veda which is similar to Earth in many respects and orbiting around the planet is Cosmos, his amazing space station restaurant.


The Great Gorgonzola Cosmo Sirius’s orbiting space restaurant.

Truly one of the most amazing places to have a meal in the Galaxy.

Note that the booking waiting list is currently 9.7 Earth years.

Dante 9000 cooktop

Dante is one of the most prestigious makers of kitchen appliances in the galaxy and their technology is second to none. Expect to pay many times the cost of an ordinary cooktop for a Dante cooktop.


One of the most commonly used forms of currency in the Galaxy. 

Despite the fact that nearly all monetary transactions have long been electronic, it pays to have a small quantity of diplomata on you if you are planning to travel to less developed regions.

But beware, counterfeiting of diplomata is commonplace, so be sure to check that your change is genuine.


The planet of Ferretti is is a vital trading hub in the galaxy because of its ideal location near several wormholes that allow efficient interstellar travel to distant stars. 

Unfortunately, the planet has almost no water and is little more than a giant planetary dustbowl. Enormous featureless deserts cover much of the planet making life difficult for its inhabitants.

There are four major cities on Ferretti, each with its own specialty. Moulthra is the food and produce capital, Veltran specialises in technology and electronics while Midicia is one of the galaxy’s most important centres for medicine. The forth city, Valhadron is a major mining and energy hub.


Fondusia is a humid hothouse of a world. Vast seas cover much of the planet and nearly all the land except for the highest mountains are covered by dense tropical rain forests.

Fondusia was home to the legendary and much sought-after Fondusian dragons until they were wiped out about 130 years ago when the last great Morovian Civil War spread to the planet killing most of the animal life.

Recently, there have been rumours that Trescan traders, who bought the planet after it was devastated, may have successfully cloned a small number of Fondusian dragons.

Fondusian dragon

Fondusian DragonOnce found exclusively on the planet of Fondusia, Fondusian dragons have been extinct since the last Morovian civil war fought 130 years ago which rapidly spread to the dragon’s home world. The war was fought chiefly over possession of the dragons and the supply of musessence, which is the poisonous but extremely valuable venom that Fondusian dragons spit at their prey.

Dragons are huge snakelike creatures half the length of a football field and could easily swallow a person in one gulp.

They live deep underground and only venture out briefly at night to hunt their prey. Harvesting musessence requires specialised equipment and bravery verging on foolhardiness because to prevent musessence from being ruined by contact with the air, it must be collected deep within the dragon tunnels where there is much less oxygen.

Galactic High Chef Academy

The Academy is the oldest and most respected cooking academy in the galaxy and any alien wishing to become an extraordinary chef should plan to study here.

Situated on the planet of Gourmetovia, the restaurant capital of the galaxy, there’s never a shortage of willing diners for students to practice honing their skills on.

Competition to get into the Academy is extraordinary and it certainly helps to have a reference from a member of the Galactic Order of High Chefs. This means most students have already spent time as apprentices working in top restaurants across the Galaxy.

Galactic Order of High Chefs

Any chef who is anyone or anything across the Galaxy belongs to the Galactic Order of High Chefs. 

This prestigious order has tremendous influence over what is cooked in the Galaxy and sets a number of important culinary standards. For example, it decides whether a life form can be used as an ingredient by rating it using the Terrilian Life Form Intelligence Scale. The Order has decided that anything that scores five or over out of the ten point rating scale cannot be used as an ingredient.

As well as being extremely creative and talented, all members of the Galactic Order of High Chefs have an in-depth knowledge of alien biology, physiology and cultures allowing them to prepare meals for a wide variety of creatures.

Membership of the Galactic Order of High Chefs is by invitation only and only chefs that have proven themselves over many years become eligible.

Gastronomical Galactica

The Gastronomical Galactica is the most famous cooking competition in the galaxy.

Every six years the best chefs from the Galactic Order of High Chefs’ come to the planet of Gastronomy where they compete to be crowned head chef in their chosen culinary category.

They compete in a huge stadium called the Gastrodome that is located in the middle of Gastronomy’s largest city, Gourmetovia.

The Gastronomical Galactica is not for the fainthearted and the competition is often intense. Unfortunately, more than once a competitor has killed, cooked and served up a rival chef out of frustration and the desire to win at all costs.


This planet is the food and cooking heart of the galaxy. Gourmetovia, its largest city, is the home of the Galactic Order of High Chefs and it’s also where the Gastronomical Galactica cooking duel is held every six years.

Gastronomy has more restaurants per head of population than any other planet in the galaxy and aliens come from hundreds, sometimes thousands, of light-years away to dine here. The food is so good and there is so much choice that sometimes it’s impossible to choose which restaurant to eat at. In fact it’s been reported that an occasional alien has starved to death because they’ve been unable to decide on a restaurant.


If the planet Gastronomy is the food and cooking heart of the galaxy then Gourmetovia is what makes that heart beat. Gourmetovia is Gastronomy’s biggest city and it is jam packed with every conceivable kind of restaurant. 

Gourmetovia is the home of the Galactic Order of High Chefs and it’s also where the Gastronomical Galactica cooking duel is held every six years.

The city is deliciously vibrant and an amazing place to visit.

Great Gorgonzola, The

The Great Gorgonzola is an evil alien warlord who has savagely ravaged countless world’s in his quest for power. 

Feared across the galaxy, he also rules his home world Morovia with an iron fist and mercilessly eliminates any Morovian who dares to stand up to him. In fact it’s doubtful that he even knows what the word mercy means.

Morovians have a complex biology and have a caste system similar to ants. There are soldiers, workers and the equivalents of kings and queens, all with their own build and appearance. For example, The Great Gorgonzola is broad and solid while Morovian soldiers are leaner and much more agile, even if they’re just as vicious.

Certainly, Morovian’s and The Great Gorgonzola in particular, are not the sort of creatures you want to upset, unless you’re tired of living that is.


Type of transportation vehicle that uses an antigravity drive to lift it above the ground and propel it forwards. Numerous variations are commonplace on many worlds across the galaxy.


Jasma is a confident young girl who lives with Cosmo on his orbiting space restaurant. She’s a little older than Billy and is determined to become a famous Galactic High Chef like Cosmo.


The Great GorgonzolaMax is a miniature autonomous robot that Cosmo Sirius had designed as a robotic equivalent of a pet. However, Max has turned out to be far more useful than man’s best friend and has been surprisingly helpful on numerous occasions. 

He has been adopted by Jasma and the two are almost inseparable except when Cosmo has to borrow him for a task.

Milstrom crystals

Extremely valuable crystals that are able to store vast amounts of energy. They are used to power all manner of things from small electronic devices to large starships and are often used instead of currency for large purchases.


Moulthra is the food and produce capital of Ferretti and is a vital trading hub in the Galaxy.

Hot, parched, dusty and smelly it’s not a pleasant place to visit.

However, if you wander through its sprawling markets you can find just about any ingredient imaginable, but you need to keep your wits about you as the city is a relatively lawless place and anything can happen.

In fact, some unsuspecting visitors have even ended up being sold as food by some of Ferretti’s more unscrupulous market traders.


Musessence is a poisonous secretion that Fondusian dragons spit at their prey. However, once treated to remove the most toxic components it can be used as an ingredient in a wide range of extraordinary recipes. For example, it is one of the principal ingredients in the ritualistic meal Aril Caruck Var, which Morovians find irresistible.

Because musessence will spoil after only a second or two when exposed to oxygen in the air, musessence is both difficult and dangerous to collect. Musessence hunters wearing respirators must travel deep into the dragon’s underground tunnels where there is much less oxygen in the air. There they must use special collecting equipment to catch the musessence as soon as the dragons spit it at them. 

Dragons have the ability to spit two forms of musessence. One kind is very acidic and will burn nearly anything it touches. This is the kind of musessence that is harvested as an ingredient. The other kind is like a thick spider’s web that is used to trap prey alive and store them for later consumption. Once wrapped around a prey, the musessence shrinks as it sets binding the animal in an inescapable cocoon.

The last great Morovian civil war 130 years ago was fought over the supply of musessence. The war rapidly spread to Fondusia where most of the animal life, including all the Fondusian dragons were wiped out. In the same war, all known supplies of musessence were also destroyed along with most of the Morovian priests who knew how to prepare Aril Caruck Var.

Orlantra Solaris

The Great GorgonzolaAnother legendary galactic chef, Orlantra has won many culinary awards and comes from a long line of very successful galactic chefs.


The Great GorgonzolaCosmo Sirius’s stunning spacecraft. Made at the famed Trilothian Spaceworks she is as well made as she is beautiful.


Vicious race of aliens that generally work as hired guns as they enjoy causing pain and suffering to others.

Although they have two arms and two legs like humans their ‘heads’ are made up of a mass of writhing tentacles ending in small eyes. Bizarrely, they have the ability to mould their anatomy to some degree so that they can form approximations of other creatures such as humans making it hard to identify them.


The Great GorgonzolaCosmo’s extra vehicular explorer that can hold two people. Powered by an antigravity drive and small thrusters It has extendable pincer arms that can be used to manipulate objects.

Stasis Units

Antigravity units that are used to transport heavy objects. They often come in capsule shaped pairs and when positioned on either side of an object they hold it in a force field allowing it to be moved around with relative ease.


The main language spoken on Cosmo’s home world Alta Veda. It has a beautiful singsong quality.

Tiberian Tree pepper

This very spicy pepper is amazing in that when overripe, if knocked or jolted, it is likely to explode like a small stick of dynamite. 

It’s also interesting to note that new varieties have been genetically engineered to use as explosive grenades.

This is one vegetable that you should examine with great care before you buy otherwise you’re likely to get more than you bargained for.


Cunning and vicious race of aliens. Trescans are very successful traders but it’s often because they eliminate their competition permanently...

So it’s a good idea not to have any dealings with Trescans if at all possible.

Trilothian Spaceworks

Famous spaceworks that made Cosmo sirius’s spacecraft, the Pavlovia.

Their fantastic quality is often matched by outrageous prices but anyone who’s purchased a spaceship from the Trilothian Spaceworks would never think of buying from anyone else.


A wormhole is a shortcut through spacetime that allows instantaneous travel from one part of the galaxy to another. 

Trips that would otherwise take months or years now take no time at all. 

Planets near wormholes often become important trading or business hubs because of the huge amount of passing traffic. This is the reason why the relatively barren planet of Ferretti has become so important.


Zebartas is the greatest restaurant supplier in the entire galaxy. The quality of their produce is unparalleled and they offer a money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

Most Galactic Chefs source the majority of their ingredients from Zebartas.