The Order of Galactic High Chefs

For many thousands of years there has been a Galactic Order of High Chefs.

To become a Galactic High Chef requires years of study and practical experience before applicants go through extremely difficult and arduous examination and initiation process. Successful chefs are then required to take an oath to follow a strict moral and ethical code of conduct.

Then about every six (Earth) years, Galactic High Chefs come from all over the Galaxy, to compete in an amazing cooking duel called the Gastronomical Galactica held on the planet of Gastronomy.

Gourmetovia, Gastronomy’s largest city, is nearly all restaurants and aliens come from all over the galaxy to eat there. Right in the middle of the city is a huge stadium called the Gastrodome. This is where the Gastronomical Galactica is held over a 25 day period.

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