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About Chris Hughes

It’s not that I get bored, it’s just that I seem to be constantly searching for interesting things to do.

First I qualified as a doctor and worked as a general practitioner for a number of years. Next I studied graphic design. Then I added illustration into my design work and then got into 3D illustration and animation. I’ve also worked in marketing and done a fair amount of copywriting.

But underneath it all, is a desire to tell stories.

Certainly my graphic design and advertising work is all about telling visual stories and communicating ideas. See the D MAX design and animation website to see what else I get up to:

Now finally, with Space Chef I’ve found a story I really want to tell.

I live in Melbourne Victoria with my beautiful wife and our two amazing children. They give me my inspiration and my passion.

How did Space Chef come about?

I have my most interesting (some might say crazy) ideas while in the shower.

A few days after the birth of my son, I was standing in the shower, zombielike from lack of sleep, thinking about how my life had been suddenly turned upside down.

Now because I’m a graphic designer and illustrator, I suddenly had the urge to write and illustrate a children’s book that I could read to him.

So I thought about what interested me and decided that science fiction and cooking were two things that I enjoyed. Then I wondered about how I could combine the two and my first thought was an illustrated alien cookbook, featuring bizarre aliens and their even more disturbing meals.

But, as I thought more and more about it, the plot for a science fiction adventure novel began to take shape and finally ‘Space Chef and The Great Gorgonzola’ was born.